Who We Are

MS specializes in providing professional, reliable, trained officers and customer service to its clients. The company has been established

in 2000, to provide a truthful, advanced and luxury security services committed to providing better than average guard and surveillances.

Metropolitan Security is one of the top security companies in Lebanon and abroad. Our mission is to provide the best security that can be achieved through cutting-edge technology and training, giving our clients peace of mind. We provide thinking agents and on-site security directors supported by state-of-the art equipment to help our clients meet their obligation to provide a safe environment for those who rely on them to do so.

We dedicate ourselves in providing the finest incomparable and personalized quality, whether your security concerns are residential or commercial, local or global, large or small, we offer customized solutions to suit your needs in all emergency situations.


endeavor to be the preferred Central Monitoring Station for whom we serve and pledge to conduct our business with uncompromising honesty, wisdom, discretion and sound judgment in order to implement what we live by, 3S: Safety Security and Satisfaction.