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Do you need to have security officers observe & secure your building 24/7/365?
Do you need a complete close protection and VIP luxury security services?
Do you need secure escort & evacuation for you and your family?
Do you need corporate security consulting including risk assessment and analysis?
Do you need a full Engineering and Technology services?

Metropolitan Security is the answer...
Metropolitan Security is one of the top security companies in Lebanon and abroad; Licensed by the Ministry of Interior under the registration number 1007881, ISO certified 9001:2015, ISO certified 18788: 2015 as well as a member of The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers Association (ICoCA).


Metropolitan Security has been enjoying a prosperous existence ever since it has started its operation in 2000. We provide our services to an array of clients in various sectors. The staff of MS is dedicated to provide each client with the finest quality of protection’s services.

Oil & Gas Security
Airport & Port Security
Telecom Services
IT Security Services
Security Equipment
Safety Management System
Fire Protection
Static Guarding
Risk Analysis
Executive Protection & Body Guard
Escort & Evacuation
Operation Room Management
Engineering and Technology Services (ETS)
  • Oil & Gas Security

    VIP Escort & Evacuation

    MS specializes in providing security services for Oil and Gas companies, offering a variety of solutions to the Oil and Gas industry, enabling them to operate in high-risk areas. MS supports International Oil Companies with security advice and risk management solutions. Our expert team will provide you with:

    • Risk assessments
    • Operational plans, procedures and physical security infrastructure
    • Emergency plans and response
    • Medical services and Health & Safety management
    • Demining expertise

  • Airport & Port Security

    VIP Escort & Evacuation

    Airport Security
    Terrorism has been a problem for airlines and air travelers since the 1970s. Airports and airlines require a unique range of security measures, from protecting the restricted areas and the aircraft on the ground via a command and control center to advanced passenger profiling and CCTV monitoring of passengers and staff, conducting cabin security checks, ensuring cargo, airport and in-flight supplies are screened, right through to the protection of the flight deck and cabin crew stopovers. Whatever the requirements MS has the solution because your safety is our priority.

    Port Security
    MS covers all aspects of marine associated risk. We can provide you with a designed program for your specific maritime needs. Our maritime programs ensure effective communication strategies that provide a high level of security awareness throughout your facility. We have a cadre of operational leaders and training managers who are skilled in all aspects of maritime compliance such as:

    1. Maritime Transportation Safety Act (MTSA)
    2. International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS)
    3. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
    4. Safe Ports Act

  • Telecom Services

    VIP Escort & Evacuation

    Digital Forensics
    MS is the global leader in forensic technology for mobile device examination, intelligent tool and CDR analysis, with offices in Europe and in the Lebanon, as well as a network of distributors across the globe. The company has been involved with mobile communications since 2017 and now has a dedicated department has singular focus on the forensic recovery of data from mobile devices and CDR analysis. Our tool software has been used by investigators to quickly and effectively retrieve information, such as pictures, SMS, call history, contact lists and intelligent kits and Call Data Record analyzer can import and analyze CDR/Tower CDR logs of any service provider and generates a comprehensive report of frequency statistics including service provider details and subscriber details (SDR) of CDR Numbers. 

    Our tool/software is used by Police, Law Enforcement, Military, Government Intelligence Agencies and Forensic Laboratories in many countries worldwide to investigate crime, gather intelligence, investigate fraud and fight corruption. Our sole focus is a quality forensic solution that creates secure and trusted results for end users. The core business today produces world class products which have the capability to recover deleted data from mobile devices; smart-phones, mobile phones, 3G modems, GPS and Tablet devices and CDR Analysis is Smart Mobile Data Analysis Solutions for Call Records. Easy to trace calls record & reduce time consumption and provide results in short time by using CDR Analysis Software. Analyze call records, and get various types
    of desired reports in few minutes. CDR Analysis Software used for investigation/forensic departments like police department, Special Crime Investigation Departments etc... 

    Radio Planning and Network Optimization
    MS provide turnkey services for any kind of network (2G /3G HSDPA/ WiMAX/ 4G/ WIFI/ Broadcast/ PMR/MW networks). Our module is being used by a large number of operators worldwide for all types of networks. Our module is based on sophisticated optimization techniques (automatic frequency planning and optimization of TRX allocation vs. interference conditions) and specific advanced features such as the allocation of frequency hopping parameters, intermodulation product, multi layers analysis, inter system interference, neighbor list, user-definable constraints. The capabilities of this module allow to perform successful automatic frequency plan even in worst situation in very dense urban area. MS have a long experience of this kind of optimization
    and recently in west Europe operator chose MS’s mobile network optimization solution in order to perform the of their 2G/3G network (991 DCS and 2334 GSM cells with at least 4 TRX/cells, 5664 3G cells 2 carriers), in Africa operators choose MS for the GSM-R radio planning (ETCS and Non-ETCS): 7000 km railways. The propagation models used by our tool allow to perform coverage with high level of accuracy with or without our automatic digital map tuning module. The calibration stage can be done to improve the final result (if drive test measurement files are available).

    Some examples of services provided by MS:
    Optimizations via a set of ACP (Automatic cell planning) and Automatic Optimization tools allowing
    operators to perform the following optimization:
    - Antenna azimuth optimizing (in order to improve existing coverage according to specific target coverage)
    - Antenna tilt optimizing (in order to improve existing coverage and/or reduce interference issues)
    - Antenna model selection (in order to improve existing coverage and/or reduce interference issues)
    - Antenna height optimizing (in order to improve existing coverage and/or reduce interference issues)
    - Best equipment selection (Huawei, NSN, Ericsson...)
    - New sites or sector adding with Before & After coverage plots
    - Repeaters or new sites in order to resolve (outdoor/indoor) coverage or traffic issues

    Fraud is a diverse and rapidly evolving challenge for mobile network operators today. MS Fraud Management (FM) is a reliable and scalable solution focused on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Cloud model – providing networks with the peace of mind that their fraud solution will adapt to meet the changing environment. MS FM is quick to market and modular, without the heavy up-front infrastructure expense. MS FM includes the Gatekeeper Bypass Fraud Detection module (SIM-box Detection). MS FM additionally provides a host of standard fraud modules, including reports for International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), Premium Rate Services (PRS) Fraud, Subscription Fraud, Roaming Fraud, Dealer Fraud, Equipment Change Reports, High Usage Reports and more.

    The MS Bypass Fraud Detection (Gatekeeper Solution) works to analyze traffic and data to detect multiple types of fraud. MS issues both Standard Reports (On-net, Off-net, Cells, Equipment, Refiling, Dealers, Summary & Details Reports, SIM Verification Report, Test Call report, etc.) as well as Other Reports (High Usage, Hot IMEI, Hot MSISDN Ranges, IMEI Change Report, etc.). We also produce other modules to manage fraud: interconnect, Dealer, PRS, Subscriber, Roaming, etc.

    Bypass (SIM-box) Detection
    MS’ Gatekeeper is a breakthrough software service for the detection of SIM-box GSM “bypass” termination devices. By utilizing a combination of traditional call record analysis with test call generation (TCG) and an innovative SIM verification module, the Gatekeeper solution can identify fraudulent bypass SIMs in a matter of hours – significant improvement over any competitive product on the market. The SIM-box Fraud Bypass Problem: SIM-boxes bypass international tolls by routing calls over the Internet
    and through a local SIM, causing significant operator loss.

    • Direct Gateway Revenue Loss: SIM-box calls bypass an operator’s international toll, typically causing $0.05 to $0.25 per subscriber of losses monthly.
    • Indirect Network Costs: SIM-boxes also overload cell towers unnecessarily and provide low-quality routes for international terminations.

    MS Experience with SIM-box Detection
    MS has successfully deployed its Gatekeeper solution at multiple operators, encountering a variety of fraud strategies, where operators were losing millions of USD monthly. Rapid Initial Savings: MS projects typically save the GSM operator more than $1 million USD annually – savings that can be quickly demonstrated in the first month of the project. Ongoing Fraud Detection: Bypass Fraud will always return after shutdown, and MS Gatekeeper remains on watch to immediately shut down new fraud attempts within hours.

    Gatekeeper SIM-box Detection Approach
    More sophisticated SIM-box operators are now using SIM servers and multiple remote gateways to simulate movement, automate calls and SMSs between SIMs, fake IMEIs, and use very low profile calling patterns. CDR analysis alone is not enough to detect fraud!

    MS 3-Steps Hybrid Approach
    • CDR Pattern Analysis Engine – quickly catches 95%+ certainty of fraud
    • SIM Verification – confirms to 99.9% by communicating with the SIM card U allows for the detection of low-profile SIM-box Fraud!
    • Call Generation – enhances effectiveness of solution using test calls


  • IT Security Services

    VIP Escort & Evacuation

    1. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Solution
    Our highly qualified team can perform an analysis for any technological site and report a situation for the current structure, and finally advise or implement a better alternative or integrated solution. ETS provides ICT solutions for corporate and organizations for the Telecom, financial, healthcare, education, hospitality, and different other sectors:

    Data: routing, switching, security, wireless, structured cabling
    Voice: IP telephony, VoIP, unified communications, recording Integration
    Video: conferencing, telepresence, IP TV, VOD/MOD, video walls
    Computing: servers, storage, workstations, consoles, tablets, Ruggedized field products, right sized hardware, Virtualization, Cloud Services. 
    Software: video analytics, command and control, network and infrastructure management


    2. Cyber Security
    As agencies and organizations become more reliant on modern technology, they also become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks such as Corporate Security Breaches, Fraud, Identity Theft, and others. Our cyber security solutions have been developed in response to the growing and persistent threats and malware used against critical infrastructures, industrial control systems, and smart cities using state-of-the-art Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and Unified Threat Management.

    3. Data Centers
    The safe and reliable storage of data is fundamental requirement in the successful running of any organization. Databases, client records, and confidentiality depend upon systems that are secure and fast. METS provides highly secure data center design and infrastructure solutions according to international standards. They are climate controlled, and monitored and secured by world-class technologies.

    4. Research and Development
    The aim of research and development (R&D) is to improve the current technologies offered by an organization or to develop innovations that strengthen the organization’s position in the marketplace. The sector includes many companies that are dedicated research and development businesses that focus on particular fields or areas of work. For example, Metropolitan Security works in Security field, so the innovation scope should be around Defense Techs, and Security Techs. You will also find R&D divisions within many forward-looking, innovative engineering and technology organizations.

    - Analyze and understand the positioning of the product, service or process.
    - Translate functional needs into specifications.
    - Design and develop the product, service or process.
    - Set up the test and validation phases.
    - Correct and improve the product, service or process.
    - Support the production start-up and product launch.
    - Gather business intelligence (patent, technology and competitive intelligence) to identify new scientific trends and conduct strategic planning.
    - Participate in benchmarking and test competitive products to gain relevant information that can be applied to product specifications.
    - Gather any legal documents, including laws, regulations and patents that are necessary for determining the project’s feasibility.


  • Security Equipment

    VIP Escort & Evacuation

    The safety and security industry includes equipment, solutions, and services used for public security, personal protection, residential security, industrial safety, corporate and infrastructure protection (e.g. access control, ID, and perimeter security), as well as various solutions and systems designed for law enforcement and defense agencies’ use.

  • Safety Management System

    VIP Escort & Evacuation

    At MS we recognize that there is risk in-built in everything we do. We believe risks can be eliminated through reliable application of sound management strategies, and that a ZERO loss workplace is achievable. We provide companies in oil & gas industry, factories, buildings and others with safety management and consulting services to promote and maintain an ethical workplace atmosphere that equally values health, safety, and environmental responsibility.

    Our Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) consultants and specialists are equipped and available to address your company’s relevant challenges and concerns. The SMS team of safety specialists recognize that each company is unique. We review your company’s needs and customize the best HSE management solution to meet them.

    In addition to worker safety and medical attention, job site security is a top priority. By protecting your employees and property, your day-to-day operations are made safer. We offer a full spectrum of security and monitoring solutions, including manned and video security, virtual guards, GPS-based fleet tracking and monitoring, and personnel monitoring. Whether offshore, on a construction site or at a refinery, MS provides peace of mind with wide-ranging security options.

  • Fire Protection

    VIP Escort & Evacuation

    Fire detection, alarm and firefighting solutions are also a main service under ETS Scope of work. MS offers a wide range of fire system solutions tailored to meet the demands of your business. Our monitoring, testing, inspection and maintenance services allow fire systems to operate at peak performance We will aid you in choosing the suitable fire protection system for your needs for simplicity, reliability, andease of maintenance.

    Each of our proposed fire protection system is able to be customized and designed as per the required specifications to meet appropriate codes, time, and budgetary guidelines. Besides fire extinguishers, we provide automatic fire alarm system which is designed to detect the presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion.

    Conventional or Analog addressable, our fire alarm systems are used to notify people to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency, to request such civil defense as fire brigades’ emergency services, and to send digital signals to associate systems interface to control the spread of fire and smoke.

  • Static Guarding

    Static Guarding

    No business can exist or grow without a safe and secure environment, and where businesses require static guards for patrolling 24/7, Metropolitan Security accommodates with some of the best trained, reliable and professional guards for you to protect your properties, assets and people. This service is tailor-made in accordance with your operation and needs and therefore, varies quite a lot. It includes the monitoring of burglar alarms, fire alarms, system alarms, and operational alarms, TV surveillance as well as entry and exit access control. Different types of other services can also be included such as Control Reception Security and Control Cashier Security.

  • Risk Analysis

    Security Consulting Planning, Security Reports & Risk Analysis

    MS identifies the scope, identifies measures to reduce risks, collects data, Analyzes the policies and procedures, as well as we do Vulnerability Analysis, Threat Analysis, Analysis of the acceptable risks and we prepare a Risk Analysis Report.

  • Executive Protection & Body Guard

    Executive Protection & Body Guard

    Our Bodyguards and Security Officers realize that our clients’ safety is of the utmost concern. MS is strict when it comes to the client’s personal life/lifestyle; thus no matter what, when or where the mission is - everything is kept confidential. Our executive security consultants will put a VIP protection plan in place after assessing your requirements and focus on proactively addressing any threats against you, your family and/or your property. Moreover, our specialists are highly skilled and trained in Emergency Evacuation. Security guards usually protect famous, wealthy, or politically important individuals from assault, kidnapping, assassination, stalking, loss of confidential information, and / or other threats. MS puts in your service the best professional bodyguards for these issues who take pride in being the best in the profession.

  • Escort & Evacuation

    VIP Escort & Evacuation

    There are so many risks in today’s world; for that reason, Metropolitan Security offers escorts and emergency personnel evacuation that has been properly trained for the emergency evacuation procedures to ensure protective security services during disaster relief operations or other crises. Therefore, Metropolitan Security is 24/7 On-Call Emergency Response provided that when it comes to emergencies, time is of the essence. MS has a combination of vehicles (Soft-Skinned and Armored) and speed boats for clients’ transportation. Whether you’re an individual, business, or large organization, our emergency response and contingency planning experts will create and implement ground and maritime evacuation plans to fit your needs.

  • Operation Room Management

    Operation Room Management

    When it comes to life safety, experience counts. The experts in our security systems division will build a comprehensive fire protection program and/or monitoring CCTV for your business with a central focus on consulting, expert design, code compliance, professional installation, preventative maintenance, and inspection services that will be managed from MS Operations Room in a direct contact with the gendarmerie, army, civil defense and other government departments as needed to meet your demands and ensure your requirements.

  • Engineering and Technology Services (ETS)

    Engineering and Technology Services (ETS)

    ETS is a quality driven department part of Metropolitan Security company and in terms of the ISO 9001:2015 commitment offers only the finest equipment available in carefully integrated systems designed to achieve a cost effective approach to current and future needs. ETS has the necessary expertise to engineer innovative, effective and reliable solutions. Our installation standards and criteria for election of personnel form part of our tightly monitored and controlled quality system.
    Low Current / Security Systems

    1. CCTV Systems
    Total digital video and audio recording system that provides continuous CCTV recording, archiving and debriefing capabilities that meets the needs of today’s demanding security environment. The complete solution for high-level security.
    ETS has successfully installed CCTV Systems across all industries and types of environments. These include Offices, Retail Outlets, Supermarkets, Office Blocks, shopping Centers, etc.......

    2. Access Control

    Standalone Access Control Systems:
    For the facility that requires a stand-alone access control system. Designed to client specifications the system provides an effective means of controlling access to designated areas with the appropriate levels of security maintained.

    Online Access Control Systems:
    Fully networked online access control systems. Designed to incorporate all the necessary peripheral devices to control, monitor and have visual display of the plant or building. Complete recording of event information. This system provides the total integrated access control and alarm monitoring system for leading organizations.

    3. Point Monitoring & Intrusion Systems
    State-of-the-art monitoring and intrusion systems provides a secure environment for the modern day business. With full monitoring of points of access and perimeters the system ensure point control of access to the plant or building is maintained effectively.

    4. Intercom Systems
    Intercom Systems are designed to provide facilities with communication to the occupants of a plant building. Videophone and Interphone systems can be located throughout the plant or building ensuring effective communication to all areas.

    5. Parking Management System
    Parking management systems present serious challenges for city governments. Cities incorporating a variety of technologies, products and services from multiple third- party vendors are tasked with the time-consuming challenges associated with managing various vendors. At times, these vendors may have competing incentives or interests. Parking solutions are complex but, for our customers, parking should be simple.

    7. Fire Alarm Systems
    Fire detection, alarm and firefighting solutions are also a main service under ETS Scope of work. Besides fire extinguishers, we provide automatic fire alarm system which is designed to detect the presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. Conventional or Analog addressable, our fire alarm systems are used to notify people to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency, to request such civil defense as fire brigades’ emergency services, and to send
    digital signals to associate systems interface to control the spread of fire and smoke. 

    8. Ticket Violation Management System
    Which includes traffic violation enforcement equipment, the violation management software, in addition to the integration with third parties for ticket delivery, fines payment, and points management.

    9. Intelligent Transportation System
    It is umbrella term for a broad range of various technologies which includes information processing, communication, control and electronics that are applied to a transportation system, it also includes an advanced approach to traffic management.

    10. Urban Traffic Control (UTC) Systems
    1. Advanced Traffic Signal Controllers Scats Compatible.
    2. Urban Traffic Management Systems Scats.
    3. Traffic Signal Heads.
    4. Vehicle & Pedestrian Detectors (in & Above Ground).
    5. Traffic signal Poles, Cantilevers & Gantries.
    6. Smart loop Sensor & Video Detection.
    7. Actuated and/or Adaptive Operation Programs.

  • Logistics


    Metropolitan Security’s job is centralized to facilitate your life by firming up all your required documents/ governmental transactions, like passport, visa, make the necessary booking and reservation for you (hotel, ticketing), assure a safe transportation using the air, terrestrial and the maritime ways in Lebanon as well as offering the Meet & Greet service at the Airport. Metropolitan Security S.A.L. can provide the planning, execution, and control of the movement / placement of goods like postal services, shipping and receivables along with finalizing all the related supporting documents. Also, MS will help you to organize your event, where we’re exhibition and event stand designers with a complete full service in-house capability Metropolitan Security’s team can guarantee for you a Logistic management process that will smooth the
    progress of any strategy, planning and implementation.

  • Patrols


    We will tailor a custom patrol program that can include, but not limited to the following: on-call response, building and perimeter checks, observation and reporting, incident response, locks and unlocks and loitering compliance.
    Metropolitan Security uses the best and the most professionally-equipped vehicles in the industry. Each patrol vehicle (Soft-Skinned & Armored) is fully equipped with GPS tracking system and emergency equipment, such as dispatch radios, cellular phone and first-aid kits.
    Our mobile patrol (motorcycle, vehicle or pedestrian) has been the foundation of MS Patrols services since day one, and it persists to be the service our clients want the most.

CEO's Word

On behalf of Metropolitan Security Management, I would like to welcome and thank our customers and partners for trusting and sustaining Metropolitan Security (MS) all through the past years elevating MS to the leading security services providers in the region with successful projects. At Metropolitan Security, we understand that in order to provide the outstanding consistent security services, it is critical to assess, fulfill and oversee customer’s needs. We strive to exceed our customer’s satisfaction everyday! My essential mission at MS is ensuring that we hire exceptionally qualified security personnel, employ only seasoned supervisory staff and focus on our clients concerns and their critical interests.

I am proud to convey that MS will devote its background in obtaining new responsibilities in an ongoing growing market of Facility Management that present soft, hard, technical and administrative services. I take pride in our services and trust that you will join a rising list of clients that have come to recognize that the difference between exceptional security and average security is well worth the price. 
Finally, we look forward to working with you and providing you with an invaluable and often mysterious commodity that I abbreviate it in the 3S, Security, Safety and Satisfaction that our team delivers it in faster and smarter way.

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