MetroPolitan Security

Security Consulting Planning & Risk Assessment

It is often necessary to evaluate and assess possible risks before purchasing any security services.
Metropolitan Security is prepared to develop innovative security services, giving our clients immediate security solutions. The risk assessment helps our consultants’ advisors classify the particular needs of the client and to address those needs with an electronic and/or physical security solution: one that rationally reflects on the client’s budget.
Security consulting is a service that includes risk analysis and security planning. At some point, almost all the construction sites’ projects are at risk of sabotage, robbery or damage. Metropolitan Security offers a first class site security guarding service which incorporates regular perimeter patrols, emergency procedures, design of asset protection programs and physical protection systems, disaster recovery, emergency planning, training, incident reporting and more. In that way, you are more aware of the company’s risk level and can make the best damage-prevention prioritizations and build your protection cost-efficiently.