MetroPolitan Security


Metropolitan Security provides world class training on the following key areas: • MS Security Service’s Goal, Objectives and Standards; • Laws and Regulations 

• Uniforms, Proper wear, ID badges
• Receptionist, Orientation and attitude
• Professionalism, confidentiality and Ethics
• Work indoors or outdoors in all weather conditions
• Work in teams or alone for extended periods of time

• Documentation
• Security Awareness:
- Define the Role and Responsibility of each security guard
- Personal Safety Strategies
• Security Skills:
   - Patrol Technique
 - Access Control Alarm Systems
• Facility Protection    - Care and Control of Suspects
   - Identifying and preventing risky and suspicious situations.    - Decreasing criminal activity
   - Customer and Staff Protection
• Emergency Procedures:
   - Assisting people during emergency situations when they arise.
   - Fire Prevention, Reporting and Control
   - Classes of fires
   - Causes of fires
   - Fire Fighting, Control and Detection Equipment
   - Security Officer’s Role in Fire Prevention
   - Use of Extinguishing Equipment
   - Response to Emergencies