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Telecom Services

Digital Forensics
MS is the global leader in forensic technology for mobile device examination, intelligent tool and CDR analysis, with offices in Europe and in the Lebanon, as well as a network of distributors across the globe. The company has been involved with mobile communications since 2017 and now has a dedicated department has singular focus on the forensic recovery of data from mobile devices and CDR analysis. Our tool software has been used by investigators to quickly and effectively retrieve information, such as pictures, SMS, call history, contact lists and intelligent kits and Call Data Record analyzer can import and analyze CDR/Tower CDR logs of any service provider and generates a comprehensive report of frequency statistics including service provider details and subscriber details (SDR) of CDR Numbers. 

Our tool/software is used by Police, Law Enforcement, Military, Government Intelligence Agencies and Forensic Laboratories in many countries worldwide to investigate crime, gather intelligence, investigate fraud and fight corruption. Our sole focus is a quality forensic solution that creates secure and trusted results for end users. The core business today produces world class products which have the capability to recover deleted data from mobile devices; smart-phones, mobile phones, 3G modems, GPS and Tablet devices and CDR Analysis is Smart Mobile Data Analysis Solutions for Call Records. Easy to trace calls record & reduce time consumption and provide results in short time by using CDR Analysis Software. Analyze call records, and get various types
of desired reports in few minutes. CDR Analysis Software used for investigation/forensic departments like police department, Special Crime Investigation Departments etc... 

Radio Planning and Network Optimization
MS provide turnkey services for any kind of network (2G /3G HSDPA/ WiMAX/ 4G/ WIFI/ Broadcast/ PMR/MW networks). Our module is being used by a large number of operators worldwide for all types of networks. Our module is based on sophisticated optimization techniques (automatic frequency planning and optimization of TRX allocation vs. interference conditions) and specific advanced features such as the allocation of frequency hopping parameters, intermodulation product, multi layers analysis, inter system interference, neighbor list, user-definable constraints. The capabilities of this module allow to perform successful automatic frequency plan even in worst situation in very dense urban area. MS have a long experience of this kind of optimization
and recently in west Europe operator chose MS’s mobile network optimization solution in order to perform the of their 2G/3G network (991 DCS and 2334 GSM cells with at least 4 TRX/cells, 5664 3G cells 2 carriers), in Africa operators choose MS for the GSM-R radio planning (ETCS and Non-ETCS): 7000 km railways. The propagation models used by our tool allow to perform coverage with high level of accuracy with or without our automatic digital map tuning module. The calibration stage can be done to improve the final result (if drive test measurement files are available).

Some examples of services provided by MS:
Optimizations via a set of ACP (Automatic cell planning) and Automatic Optimization tools allowing
operators to perform the following optimization:
- Antenna azimuth optimizing (in order to improve existing coverage according to specific target coverage)
- Antenna tilt optimizing (in order to improve existing coverage and/or reduce interference issues)
- Antenna model selection (in order to improve existing coverage and/or reduce interference issues)
- Antenna height optimizing (in order to improve existing coverage and/or reduce interference issues)
- Best equipment selection (Huawei, NSN, Ericsson...)
- New sites or sector adding with Before & After coverage plots
- Repeaters or new sites in order to resolve (outdoor/indoor) coverage or traffic issues

Fraud is a diverse and rapidly evolving challenge for mobile network operators today. MS Fraud Management (FM) is a reliable and scalable solution focused on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Cloud model – providing networks with the peace of mind that their fraud solution will adapt to meet the changing environment. MS FM is quick to market and modular, without the heavy up-front infrastructure expense. MS FM includes the Gatekeeper Bypass Fraud Detection module (SIM-box Detection). MS FM additionally provides a host of standard fraud modules, including reports for International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), Premium Rate Services (PRS) Fraud, Subscription Fraud, Roaming Fraud, Dealer Fraud, Equipment Change Reports, High Usage Reports and more.

The MS Bypass Fraud Detection (Gatekeeper Solution) works to analyze traffic and data to detect multiple types of fraud. MS issues both Standard Reports (On-net, Off-net, Cells, Equipment, Refiling, Dealers, Summary & Details Reports, SIM Verification Report, Test Call report, etc.) as well as Other Reports (High Usage, Hot IMEI, Hot MSISDN Ranges, IMEI Change Report, etc.). We also produce other modules to manage fraud: interconnect, Dealer, PRS, Subscriber, Roaming, etc.

Bypass (SIM-box) Detection
MS’ Gatekeeper is a breakthrough software service for the detection of SIM-box GSM “bypass” termination devices. By utilizing a combination of traditional call record analysis with test call generation (TCG) and an innovative SIM verification module, the Gatekeeper solution can identify fraudulent bypass SIMs in a matter of hours – significant improvement over any competitive product on the market. The SIM-box Fraud Bypass Problem: SIM-boxes bypass international tolls by routing calls over the Internet
and through a local SIM, causing significant operator loss.

• Direct Gateway Revenue Loss: SIM-box calls bypass an operator’s international toll, typically causing $0.05 to $0.25 per subscriber of losses monthly.
• Indirect Network Costs: SIM-boxes also overload cell towers unnecessarily and provide low-quality routes for international terminations.

MS Experience with SIM-box Detection
MS has successfully deployed its Gatekeeper solution at multiple operators, encountering a variety of fraud strategies, where operators were losing millions of USD monthly. Rapid Initial Savings: MS projects typically save the GSM operator more than $1 million USD annually – savings that can be quickly demonstrated in the first month of the project. Ongoing Fraud Detection: Bypass Fraud will always return after shutdown, and MS Gatekeeper remains on watch to immediately shut down new fraud attempts within hours.

Gatekeeper SIM-box Detection Approach
More sophisticated SIM-box operators are now using SIM servers and multiple remote gateways to simulate movement, automate calls and SMSs between SIMs, fake IMEIs, and use very low profile calling patterns. CDR analysis alone is not enough to detect fraud!

MS 3-Steps Hybrid Approach
• CDR Pattern Analysis Engine – quickly catches 95% certainty of fraud
• SIM Verification – confirms to 99.9% by communicating with the SIM card U allows for the detection of low-profile SIM-box Fraud!
• Call Generation – enhances effectiveness of solution using test calls