MetroPolitan Security

Special Events & Conference Security

Sometimes all you need is an on-site guard(s) for one day or certain hours to keep your event safe. We have experience in planning and executing solutions for large scale events. We will help you plan, manage and control your event, convention, conference, wedding, birthday, corporate meetings, festivals or any other to ensure its running safely in secure environment guaranteed that our services are in line with your budgets.

 MS will develop a personal security plan tailored to the specific needs of your event. Also, it will provide professional and efficient Security Operatives trained in Close Protection that will deal with any situation promptly and proficiently by controlling accesses protect guests, executives and VIP protection and their property, as well as we provide crowd control with confirmation on ensuring the guests’ enjoyment and the smooth running of the event.

Whether you need a consultant to advice on and supervise your existing security arrangements, or a team of professionals to ensure your event is not disrupted, MS can assist you with every step of this process.