MetroPolitan Security


We will tailor a custom patrol program that can include, but not limited to the following: on-call response, building and perimeter checks, observation and reporting, incident response, locks and unlocks and loitering compliance.

Metropolitan Security uses the best and the most professionally-equipped vehicles in the industry. Each patrol vehicle (Soft-Skinned & Armored) is fully equipped with GPS tracking system and emergency equipments, such as dispatch radios, cellular phone and first-aid kits.

Patrol Security Provides) bicycle, vehicle or pedestrian(

• Residential / Business
• Secure Lock-up and Open Facilities Services
• Night Deposit Escorts
• Airports / Transportation
• Apartments and Apartment Complexes / Condominiums / High Rise Buildings
• Commercial / Industrial / Warehouse Building and Lots
• Construction sites/ Shopping Centers / Retail Stores

Our mobile patrol has been the foundation of MS Patrol's services since day one, and it persists to be the service our clients want the most.