MetroPolitan Security

Engineering and Technology Services (ETS)

“Engineering and technology services” ETS by definition means any service or creative technological work that requires technological knowledge, engineering education, training and experience. It is to possess the know-how to implement and benefit from all available creative and innovative solutions and products, in order to present and sell them to Metropolitan Security (MS) business partners and customers. 

Who we are?
ETS is a professional department within Metropolitan security with the resources to meet the commitments given in this company profile represented by the three S’s (Security, Safety and Satisfaction) In terms of the ISO 9001:2008 commitment, ETS department offers only the finest equipment available in carefully integrated systems designed to achieve a cost effective approach to current and future needs. The main field of expertise being security and IT systems from concept to final handover, with after sales service. ETS has the necessary expertise to engineer innovative, effective and reliable solutions.

Functionality and scope of work:
• ETS is service oriented department that comprises a number of divisions and responsibilities:
• The Engineering Knowledge & the Know-How: embraces the essential functions that improve knowledge of new solutions we want to sell.
• The Research & Development: The responsibility for all of our technical research and development activities regarding new