MetroPolitan Security

Engineering and Technology Services (ETS)

ETS is a quality driven department part of Metropolitan Security company and in terms of the ISO 9001:2015 commitment offers only the finest equipment available in carefully integrated systems designed to achieve a cost effective approach to current and future needs. ETS has the necessary expertise to engineer innovative, effective and reliable solutions. Our installation standards and criteria for election of personnel form part of our tightly monitored and controlled quality system.
Low Current / Security Systems

1. CCTV Systems
Total digital video and audio recording system that provides continuous CCTV recording, archiving and debriefing capabilities that meets the needs of today’s demanding security environment. The complete solution for high-level security.
ETS has successfully installed CCTV Systems across all industries and types of environments. These include Offices, Retail Outlets, Supermarkets, Office Blocks, shopping Centers, etc.......

2. Access Control

Standalone Access Control Systems:
For the facility that requires a stand-alone access control system. Designed to client specifications the system provides an effective means of controlling access to designated areas with the appropriate levels of security maintained.

Online Access Control Systems:
Fully networked online access control systems. Designed to incorporate all the necessary peripheral devices to control, monitor and have visual display of the plant or building. Complete recording of event information. This system provides the total integrated access control and alarm monitoring system for leading organizations.

3. Point Monitoring & Intrusion Systems
State-of-the-art monitoring and intrusion systems provides a secure environment for the modern day business. With full monitoring of points of access and perimeters the system ensure point control of access to the plant or building is maintained effectively.

4. Intercom Systems
Intercom Systems are designed to provide facilities with communication to the occupants of a plant building. Videophone and Interphone systems can be located throughout the plant or building ensuring effective communication to all areas.

5. Parking Management System
Parking management systems present serious challenges for city governments. Cities incorporating a variety of technologies, products and services from multiple third- party vendors are tasked with the time-consuming challenges associated with managing various vendors. At times, these vendors may have competing incentives or interests. Parking solutions are complex but, for our customers, parking should be simple.

7. Fire Alarm Systems
Fire detection, alarm and firefighting solutions are also a main service under ETS Scope of work. Besides fire extinguishers, we provide automatic fire alarm system which is designed to detect the presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. Conventional or Analog addressable, our fire alarm systems are used to notify people to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency, to request such civil defense as fire brigades’ emergency services, and to send
digital signals to associate systems interface to control the spread of fire and smoke. 

8. Ticket Violation Management System
Which includes traffic violation enforcement equipment, the violation management software, in addition to the integration with third parties for ticket delivery, fines payment, and points management.

9. Intelligent Transportation System
It is umbrella term for a broad range of various technologies which includes information processing, communication, control and electronics that are applied to a transportation system, it also includes an advanced approach to traffic management.

10. Urban Traffic Control (UTC) Systems
1. Advanced Traffic Signal Controllers Scats Compatible.
2. Urban Traffic Management Systems Scats.
3. Traffic Signal Heads.
4. Vehicle & Pedestrian Detectors (in & Above Ground).
5. Traffic signal Poles, Cantilevers & Gantries.
6. Smart loop Sensor & Video Detection.
7. Actuated and/or Adaptive Operation Programs.