MetroPolitan Security


Metropolitan Facility Management, Beirut - Lebanon

Due to the increase of the market demand for outsourcing and in-house services, Metropolitan Facility Management was established as a sister company of Metropolitan Security to work in parallel to outsource all our clients (global or local) especially our escorted expatriates. 
Metropolitan will devote its background in obtaining new responsibilities in an ongoing growing market of Facility Management to provide 5 Stars Facility Services.
MFM decided to build on, develop and upgrade its slogan to execute 5S “Sustainable Solutions Secure Safety Satisfaction”
MFM will increase your value by transforming your asset to a star competitor in real estate by implementing Sustainable operational procedures to improve working environment by presenting up-to-date Solutions. While Security will minimize your facility cost; Safety measurements will raise service level and building management to ensure Satisfaction for Occupants and Owners.

Metropolitan Facility Management fundamental services include but not limited to: Hard & Soft services, Administrative services, Risk Management and Technical services and other such as outpace activities, tours, transportation vehicles, escort, security, travel agency, booking, housekeeping, trips, car rental, creational activities, MICE planning and other that will be arranged and tailored made accordingly to fulfill your need.
Our services:
  • Subcontracting (companies in-house services provision)
  • Finalizing all kind of administrative transactions (visa, work permit, residential permit etc...)
  • Life and Health insurance, hospitalization, accommodation, transportation, schooling etc...
  • Maintenance Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Support Services
  • Catering Services
  • Security Services

Our team department:
Consultant: MFM consultant team provides professional or expert advice in several domain and area, ready to provide services such as design supervision, technology, creation of drawings and specifications, and make recommendations and solutions.
Engineer: MFM engineer team design, execute and repair materials, structures, and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost. Furthermore, Engineering team will manage project and guide technicians.
Operation: MFM Operation Center guarantees 24 hours’ availability for all our customers upon request. On addition MFMOC (MFM Operation Center) connect the MFM department.
Maintenance & Services: MFM technician team on addition to their experience, skills and practicality, they are trained to support our customers. MFM Services team is available to reply all customer services request as support, cleaning and catering.

Metropolitan Trading & Services sro, Prague - Czech Republic


Metropolitan Trading & Services sro (MTS) is one of the Czech Republic’s best companies that offers services in all business aspects: Industrial, commercial, military, defense and security. 
The coordination of our management team and our high profile business partners in Czech Republic add value to our reputation in the market. 
By focusing on core competences, subcontracting and outsourcing, we maximize efficiency, and facilitate your process to establish a new business in any industry. MTS takes pride in being one the most professional and leading companies in the market. 
As well as being able to offer standard contracting work, we also provide an extended range of consultancy and provide you with all your necessary legal documents by the power of attorney (POA) to establish your enterprise.
Our complete range of services includes the following:
• Consultancy (Industrial, commercial, military, defense and security)
• Industrial General Contractors
• Trading Services
• Implementation defense and security systems on civilian, commercial and governmental premises.
• Security Services (VIP Escort, Security Consulting, Planning & Risk Analysis) 
• Legal Document Management Services
• Subcontracting (companies in-house services provision)
• Life and Health insurance, hospitalization, accommodation, transportation.
• Maintenance Services.
Metropolitan Trading & Services sro works with the highest standards of presenting our services and safety procedures.


ALTA International MTS, Beirut - Lebanon

Alta logoAlta International is responsible for delivering Curative and Relaxing stays in the heart of Europe, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland and Bucharest.
Alta International is committed to combine its efforts with Alta MTS-CZ the branch office of Alta Dubai known for its Leadership in Tourism, Sightseeing Tours, Spa and Hotel services in Czech Republic with more than 29 years of experience
“Prague means treatment abroad in the heart of Europe, with direct flights to over 100 destinations in 50 countries. The Czech Republic, EU member state since 2004, boasts with superior medical facilities, world class English speaking specialists and low medical costs. A safe and developed destination, not far away from your home makes it no.1 choice for treatment abroad.”
Planning your vacation and trip is easier than you think with ALTA International office in Lebanon and ALTA MTS Czech Republic.
We will generate your entire package for you, including flights and accommodation as well as sightseeing tours at an all-inclusive price.
Other major cities in the Czech Republic are Karlovy Vary, Brno and Ostrava and there are good intercity train connections, making it all the easier to explore this fascinating country.
Our agency is one of the main providers of tourism to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland and Bucharest where you can be sure to receive the best service and care.

• Airlines Reservations
• Travel Insurance
• Hotel and Spa Bookings
• Sight Seeing Tours
• Conferences
• Meet, Assist and Transfers Services
• Medical Tourism Service

On your request, plastic surgery, dermatology, IVF, cardio surgery, neurosurgery and last but not least, dentistry. Dental tourism is also one of the services that we provide, as Czech dentists are widely recognized as some of the best in the field, and we only work with the best of them.

ALTA MTS Prague:

ALTA medical & travel service, Prague extends a wide variety of services to you through the internet. 
ALTA MTS travel agency is on the travel Czech market from year 1987, branch office of ALTA head office, which is in Dubai mainly, specializing on spas & hotels in Czech Republic and provides clients with good service from the beginning until the end of their stay.