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Thursday November 26, 2015.

"In commemoration of the National Day & the 26th anniversary of the 1989 Velvet Revolution. The Embassy of Czech Republic maintains a concert performance of Czech music. Metropolitan Security S.A.L and Metropolitan Trading Services sro & CZ are sponsors for the concert of DANA Cimbal Group presenting the traditional end-of-the- year Czech music".


Czech Republic Event Nov 15


Czech Republic Event Nov 15 2

As technology has advanced over time, the development and use of chemical and biological weapons has advanced as well.

In the current security climate, the need to prevent the spread and diversion of small arms and light weapons to unintended people and places is clear. As a result, interest has been growing in many aspects of small arms and light weapons control-from import, export and transit controls, end-use certification and monitoring to customs and border-control procedures and security of arms stock piles.

Many traditional small arms and light weapons control efforts have tended to focus on the symptoms of small arms and light weapons misuse rather than fundamental issues which cause people to procure and misuse them.

The problem of small arms and light weapons is extremely important but also very difficult. One reason is that it is a hard issue to consider in the abstract. So much depends on the conditions in the society, country and region where the problem arises.

Arming at that time was a necessity for personal protection, due to the absence of the state security devices which is in charge of maintaining Public Security.

Arming of pistols, rifles, or machine guns give a deform image of a country concerning security. Nevertheless, the gun shooting and the noise produced by bullets cause a lot of terror and fear for women, kids, and old people.

The right of possessing & carrying weapons clarifies that all people have got this right for granted to own such weapons for personal use similar to the right of a soldier who is equipped with his own weapons. The right of arm possession differs from one country to another to a great extent. This issue is considered one of the most controversial issue of human rights in both local and global policies.

Carrying weapons has become a common phenomenon plaguing societies, especially in developing countries; however that is not the same in many countries.

Experience has shown that fire arms can make a bad situation much worse; and the presence and use of a lot of fire arms can tear the fabric of society, threaten the security of a country and destabalise a region. Even a small number of guns in the wrong hands can have devastating consequences, especially in vulnerable communities.

As mentioned before misuse of arms hurts the entire community. As for Lebanon the phenomenon of carrying weapons widely spread as a result of civil war.

In this sense, to manage the control of individual arming is not necessarily to deprive him from the right of self defense. Moreover, the rising indicator of using weapons is mainly related to the weakness and absence of the government . Nevertheless, we should emphasize on the fact that realization of peace doesn’t begin with disarmament but with applying the rule of the state law.

The lack of security makes armament a mean of self-defense. Therefore, building alliances to confront the phenomenon of small and light weapons is considered one of the solutions to fix this problem by taking the initiative to benefit from the existence of the weapons to combat terrorism.

Since the threat of terrorism is rated “high” more than 30 countries around the world. Executive countries should collaborate to lessen the danger of this widely spread phenomenon through employing the Defense Industry in supporting the armies of these countries by developing the Mechanical Defenses in the world.

In this context the Security Middle East Show (SMES 2015) will take place at BIEL Beirut, Lebanon on Sep.8-10-2015. It will address 2 main themes: Combating Terrorism and Enhancing Industrial Capacities through Collaboration. The official conference of SMES 2015 will provide a high level forum for regional defense and security officials to discuss counter-terrorism and emerging regional threats and series of carefully crafted workshops and roundtable discussions will focus on emerging technologies and developing public-private sector collaboration.

In concern, Special Operations Group will participate in September 8-10-2015 headed by Mr. Jihad Al-Annan , the president and CEO of this group. It is meant to be the exclusive and the official distributor for the well-known world-wide weapons and industrial products, B&T AG, Cezka Zbrojovka a.s (CZ) and Accuracy International (AI). It is holding the presidential degree, and it elevates by dealing with the Lebanese Army Forces (LAF), Internal Security Forces (ISF), General Security (GS), State Security and Customs.

Special Operations Group is the sister company of Metropolitan Holding which comprise Metropolitan Security SAL, Metropolitan Facility Management and Services SAL and Metropolitan Trading & Services sro.

All these sectors will collaborate their forces to participate in SMES. Special Operations Group will display several types of weapons in this Show. Its products range, but not limited to snipers, light machine, Tactical Communication, fire arms, suppressor, Gas Mask, Ballistic Goggle, AIM POINT, Machine Gun.

It offers also a wide range of training and courses ranging from shooting courses, flying squad team, VIP(basic, advance and engagement courses), in addition to the self defense courses which are provided from the skilled trainers of Heret Compnay.

Special Operations Group share a well-established relationship with the Lebanese government agencies and organizations such as Lebanese Army Forces (LAF), Internal Security Forces (ISF) and General Security (GS) based on professionalism and credibility, where we have won several auctions and our high end products were acclaimed with high satisfaction made us maintain our high profile and reputation.

As for B&T AG it is one of Special Operations Group suppliers, specializing in the design of manufacturing fire arms. B&T AG has more than 300 different types of firearms in its reference collection. State of the art engineering competences enable B&T to create and produce the optimal possible tactical solutions for weapon systems.

When B&T AG started in 1991, suppressors were the first product the company produced. Users of suppressors very often needed special optical sights on their weapons, so optical sight mounts for tactical weapons soon became a second product line.

It was established in May 1991 in order to produce suppressors for the domestic Swiss market. B&T AG started to produce its own line of complete weapons, these include:

* MP9 9mm submachine gun

* APR308/338 sniper rifle

* GL06 40mm grenade launcher

* APC9 submachine gun

* APC556/APC300 police carbine

* APC223 sporting rifle

* VP9 veterinarian pistol

* SPR300 urban sniping rifle

Though these weapons are different, they still have something in common. These weapons are genuinely modular, offering many interfaces to accept all accessories that your missions may require.

The full B&T AG enterprise with all its management processes is ISO 9001: Certified since 2005.

Moreover, B&T AG not only produces its own weapons and accessories, but also is the Swiss wholesaler for several renown brands.

B&T AG is specialized in producing the MP9-N, which is appreciated by military and law enforcement professional, the world’s lightest 9 x 19 mm select fire weapon. The B&T MP9-N is ideal for surveilance teams, vehicle crews, close protection, SWAT teams and as PDW.

Moreover, Ceská zbrojovka a.s. offers to its customers a more than 75 years of experience in the production of military weapons like pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, grenade launchers and sniper rifles. the CZ is the most important Czech manufacturer of small firearms, many of which have become worldwide legends (e.g. cz 75 pistol, vz. 58 assault rifle, škorpion vz. 61 submachine gun). The company has recently radically modernized its production equipment and launched a new generation of top-technology firearms for both the civilian and service markets, including new weapons for the czech army (cz scorpion evo 3 a1 submachine gun, cz 805 bren assault rifle, cz p-07 duty pistol, etc.) more than 80 % of armament production is exported abroad where Ceská Zbrojovka has sales agencies in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Special Operations Group is considered the sole distributer of (B&T) AG & (CZ). Consequently all these companies will co-operate and share in SMES to advertise and show their products.