MetroPolitan Security

Risk Assessment

Metropolitan Security’s Risk Assessment will help you provide a widespread assessment of your security vulnerabilities, will help you decide on the threats you may face and their likelihood.
Every community has an obligation to understand the risks it faces. Awareness allows a community to make informed decisions about how to manage risk and develop needed capabilities.
You should ask yourself if your organization, building or staff are secure enough. You should decide what needs protection, what is important to you and your business, such as:

        • people (staff, visitors, contractors, customers)
        • physical assets (buildings, contents, equipment, plans and sensitive materials)
        • information (electronic and paper data)
     • Processes (supply chains, critical procedures) - the actual operational process and essential services required to support it.
       • Intangibles (Reputation, trade secrets and intellectual property)

The first step in any risk reduction program is to identify those assets which require protection. Once you do that, our role is to check if there are any other possible threats. And at its most basic, the assessment can be produced by asking some simple questions:

• What items are we seeking to protect?

• Who would most likely want to steal or damage them?

• When are the intruders likely to attack?

• How are the intruders most likely to try to gain access?

MS Collects data, Analyzes the policies and procedures, as well as we do Vulnerability Analysis, Threat Analysis, Analysis of the acceptable risks and we prepare a Risk Analysis Report.

Metropolitan Security prevents violence through research, education and practice.

MS’s Risk Assessment professionals utilize a methodology of analyzing the threats, determining the probability for losses, and identifying cost-effective corrective measures and remaining risks. The purpose for establishing the risk baseline is to assist in developing a comprehensive security system to lower any threat’s possibility, thereby adding additional protection for our clients' personnel and properties, all presented with satisfaction’s guarantee.