MetroPolitan Security

Metropolitan Security has the privilege of working with some of the most known companies that work across virtually all industries. Our clients are members of the top management team. By drawing on our broad experience and by working as a true partner to our customers, we present our services to meet the unique demands of each of our clients. By partnering with our clients and their stakeholders, we deliver projects and build relationships that stand the test of time. Metropolitan Security takes pride in providing professional protective services to its clients in the following areas:

1. Commercial
2. Residential
3. Retail
4. Government / Public
5. Conference and Training
6. Data Center
7. Educational
8. Hospital /Healthcare
9. Hotels / Hospitality
10. Laboratory
11. Manufacturing / Industrial
12. Restaurants
13. Warehouse
14. Special Events / Exhibitions
15. Airports
16. International Airline Companies
17. Etc