MetroPolitan Security

MANAGER On behalf of Metropolitan Security Management, I would like to welcome and thank our customers and partners for trusting and sustaining Metropolitan Security (MS) all through the past years elevating MS to the leading security services providers in the region with successful projects.

At Metropolitan Security, we understand that in order to provide the outstanding consistent security services, it is critical to assess, fulfill and oversee customer’s needs. We strive to exceed our customer’s satisfaction every day! My essential mission at MS is ensuring that we hire exceptionally qualified security personnel, employ only seasoned supervisory staff and focus on our clients concerns about their critical interests.

I am proud to convey that MS will devote its background in obtaining new responsibilities in an ongoing growing market of Facility Management that present soft, hard, technical and administrative services. I take pride in our services and trust that you will join a rising list of clients that have come to recognize that the difference between exceptional security and average security is well worth the price.

Finally, we look forward to working with you and providing you with an invaluable and often mysterious commodity that I abbreviate it in the 3 S, Security, Safety and Satisfaction that our team delivers it in faster and smarter way. 

Yours Sincerely,
Chairman & CEO
Jihad El Annan